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BACKGROUND: Every color on your computer screen is made up of three components: red, green, and blue. Colors are created by lighting red, green, and blue at different intensities (e.g. purple is mostly red and blue). These primary colors appear at the corners of the game board.

GOAL: The goal of the game is to split up the rest of the triangle colors into their primary components of red, green, and blue and move these primary colors into their corresponding corner in the minimum number of splits.

HOW TO PLAY: Each triangle starts filled with a random color and its three borders each represent a primary color. Right click on a triangle to separate its fill color into red, green, and blue. Each primary color passes through its designated border and its intensity is added to the adjacent triangle. Left click to rotate a triangle, changing which adjacent triangles receive which colors.

MOBILE: Tap and double tab instead of left click and right click.

You Won!