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Build Your Own Level

Number of Circles: Size:
Size Variance: Circle Speed:
Black Circle Expansion Speed: Random Direction Interval:
Circle Radius Period: Starting Available Angles:

GOAL: The goal of each level is to create as large of a bubble as possible without it touching the moving circles. Clicking on the game will create a small bubble which gets larger with a constant speed. The bubble stops growing when any other circle runs into it. To pass the level you need to reach a size of over 100. If you beat the first 10 levels you get to create custom levels of your own.

HOW TO PLAY: At first there will be a few slow moving circles. Click anywhere on the board (probably in a space where other circles are moving away) and a bubble will begin to grow. There is a threshold size for the bubble to advance to the next level. Each level has more, faster moving obstacles.

Welcome to Circles!

The goal of the game is simple: click where there are no circles! Clicking will create an expanding circle. The bigger the circle before it gets hit the more points you get! Getting a circle with a score of over 100 advances you to the next level. If you beat all the levels you get to create levels of your own. Good luck!