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Git versioning and tagging without the hassle.


Versioner helps automate version bumping and tagging in Git applications. Once you have set up your local Git config to point to the location of the application version tagging is easy. Versioner will automatically:



To install download the latest version and extract versioner into a permanant location. You can also move versioner to a location in your path for convenience.

Local Config Setup

Before using versioner you'll need to set a few configs within your local git repository. You can use the Setup Wizard or Default Setup below to get started. Additional info about the setup items is also below.

Setup Wizard

There is a setup wizard to help with initial setup. Run versioner -w to use this wizard.

Default Setup

There is an option to set up and default config if the project is a Grails project. Run versioner -s grails to use this default setup.


The development branch is the branch where the version will be incremented and committed. This branch will then be merged into master and switched back to after completion.


You'll also need to set the file which contains your application version number. This file path must be a relative path from the root of the project to the file.


To find and replace the version number within the file above a little context is needed. Set the context to the contents of the line containing the version number in the file above. For example, the following file would use the context [app.version=].

#Grails Metadata file
#Sun Jan 1 13:15:17 EST 2014


To increment the version of an app run versioner in the root directory of your git repository with the following options:

Usage: versioner [-v version] [-t tag message] [-s setup] [-Mmbwh]


Versioner allows you to specify a sepcific version using the -v option, or specify and Major (-M), Minor (-m), or Build (-b) level bump. Any of these three flags will auto-increment that build level and set and lower levels to zero (e.g. 1.1.1 -> 2.0.0).


Please use GitHub Issues to recommend additions or report bugs.