January 16, 2017


Tags - development



JukeBot is a Slack-enabled synchronized music listening app similar to the now deprecated Google Hangout YouTube app. Originally JukeBot was intended for an office setting where lots of devs (and others) want to jam to the same music, but be able to plug in and out at will. Also, many teams have remote members where a real jukebox doesn’t work so well. Some friends and I have used it a lot outsize of work hours for gaming and virtual hangouts. It pairs particularly well with Discord for gaming.

Overall we’ve tried to keep the JukeBot feature set slim. Many enhanced chat features have already been requested, but replicating Slack (as much fun as it might be to try) is extremely difficult and not a differentiating feature for JukeBot. Instead it provides some basic chat and is a chat log of video and user events such as videos being added or other users entering the room.

So far I and others have had a great time using JukeBot, hopefully you’ll try it out!